Cloud Databases Pricing

Rackspace Cloud Databases are priced based on three components

  • An hourly charge for your database instance
  • A monthly storage charge
  • An hourly charge for Managed Service Level
Server Sizes Cloud Databases (shown in USD) Managed Cloud Databases (shown in USD)
512MB RAM $0.06/hr $0.105/hr
1GB RAM $0.075/hr $0.12/hr
2GB RAM $0.15/hr $0.195/hr
4GB RAM $0.30/hr $0.345/hr
8GB RAM $0.60/hr $0.645/hr
16GB RAM $1.20/hr $1.245/hr

Storage is $0.88/GB/month.

Note: Storage can be scaled independently of database instance size, up to a maximum of 150GB.Customers using Cloud Servers with a Managed Service Level will automatically be charged additionally for a Managed Service Level on their Cloud Databases

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