Cloud Servers

Scalable, flexible and starting from only US $17/month
Rackspace Cloud Servers, now on the Open Cloud

Vendor lock-in is a thing of the past. Be part of the Open Cloud: by using OpenStack, the open-source solution, you have the freedom to choose your Cloud supplier.

Only pay for what you use

Experiencing a surge in traffic? In our new control panel, you can spin up hundreds of Linux and Windows servers faster than ever, and you'll only ever get billed for what you use.

Provided with Fanatical Support

Fanatical Support is available at all times on the Open Cloud backed by our industry-leading SLAs. Over 190,000 businesses are supported our experience, responsiveness, and reliability.

New OpenStack API

Launch and control Cloud Servers programmatically by using a RESTful API. The new OpenStack API v2 saves time by automating regular server tasks and responding quickly to queries.


Flexibility to build apps your way

Whether you are hosting traditional applications that expect persistence or building cloud applications that dynamically work around failure, Cloud Servers is persistent and elastic enough to cover you. Use the Brocade Vyatta® vRouter for a comprehensive, all-in-one networking and security solution.

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