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The world of eCommerce is fast moving and high-tech. It is no longer enough to set up your site, upload your product catalogue and wait for the money to start rolling in. It can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Consumers have thousands of brands and millions of products at their fingertips – so how will you ensure you’re the online retailer they turn to?

Customer experience reigns supreme. Your site needs to be interactive, content rich and viewable on any device. Page load times must be fast, you must be able to cope with predictable and unpredictable spikes in demand. Your site must be secure and compliant, your order processing swift and payment system frictionless.

Rackspace gives you the performance, expertise and reliability you need to power your eCommerce strategy. See our new tools and specialist areas below to find out how we can help!

Learn about why DFS, Europe's biggest upholstery manufacturer, opted for a combined Rackspace Hosting and Salmon eCommerce digital agency package.

Planning for Peaks and

Seasonal peaks such as Christmas and Easter are easy to plan for but the viral nature of our modern connected world is not. You never know when or where the next tidal wave of demand could come from, and if unprepared you risk missing out on a golden opportunity which may never return.

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Risk Management and Contingency

When selling products online, security, risk management and contingency planning are vital. A security slip, data loss or site downtime could lose you valuable revenue, wreak havoc with your order processing and fulfilment, and ultimately cost you customers and your reputation. Let us set your mind at ease.

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Platform Partners and Infrastructure

What is going to power your eCommerce site? How can you architect the highest performing infrastructure? Selecting an eCommerce platform is a critical decision. It will form the backbone of your online channel and as one of the biggest investments you make it must be tuned for optimal performance.

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Customer Case Studies


“As a result of using Rackspace’s service, we have been able to improve the performance of our website and reduce the page loading time by three to four seconds. This is extremely valuable as every second counts in today’s business world. If we are able to increase the speed by all means, the user experience is enhanced and so is the engagement and loyalty between customers and our business.”
Joseph Chai, Managing Director of eHobby Asia, eHobby Asia
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John Hardy

"We are expanding into other markets aggressively. As Rackspace’s data centres are located all over the world, the partnership has strengthened our capability to expand our business without any hesitation on the IT front,”
Janice Chan, e-commerce Director, John Hardy USA Services Ltd
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Other Hosting Solutions

Rackspace can help you manage IT across your entire Business. Learn about our hosting solutions:

WordPress Website Hosting

Whether it's you're a small business or a multi-brand enterprise with a WordPress site, we'll ensure you get the right infrastructure to maintain availability and performance, and retain your brand integrity.

Rich Media and Video Hosting

Websites hosting dynamic media face unique challenges - website downtime, slow page loads and slow downloads can mean game over for your site. Leave it with Rackspace, and our portfolio of flexible solutions.

License mobility for your Microsoft applications

Deploy your Microsoft® applications at Rackspace with confidence. If you're a Microsoft Volume Licensing (VL) customer running eligible applications covered by active Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) contracts, you can move your Microsoft applications to Rackspace at any time, without incurring additional licensing fees. Deploy on our cloud, dedicated servers, virtual servers, or a combination.


World-class Microsoft hosting expertise

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