File and data backup

Scalable and flexible backup solutions

Secure Cloud options

Cloud Backup has enterprise-grade encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard, 256 bit key) available. When encryption is enabled, your data will be encrypted with a passphrase that only you know. Once you create your AES-256 encryption key, your data is encrypted before it leaves the server and remains safely encrypted while stored.

Flexible Managed Storage solutions

Get the right storage solution now and have the right alternatives down the road. Each Managed Storage solution differs from the next in terms of growth capacity, performance, configuration flexibility and cost. And they are all fully managed, from deployment, to updates, to troubleshooting, by our experienced and certified storage experts.

Disaster recovery

There's a huge difference between disaster prevention and disaster recovery. Both are necessary. But the former only mitigates the risk of downtime. The latter makes sure if downtime happens you can actually get your IT back online quickly. We’ll work with you to craft a solution for both prevention and recovery.

Private and public containers

For file storage, our Cloud Files solution offers both public and private container storage, meaning your files can either sit hidden from view, or be publicly available for anyone. All data stored in Cloud Files is also instantly written to three storage disks, all on separate nodes or locations that have dual power supplies.

Other Hosting Solutions

Rackspace can help you manage IT across your entire Business. Learn about our hosting solutions:

Custom SharePoint Deployments

Give your business the right tools to collaborate effectively. Our custom environments prevent you spending unnecessary time managing SharePoint, whilst our SharePoint experts ensure you maximise your solution.

Create your own Private Cloud

Whether you would like our experts to design a bespoke cloud for you, or if you want to download our free and simple private cloud installer, we can build you the perfect OpenStack cloud and back it with Fanatical Support.

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