Rich Media Server Hosting

Host dynamic media whilst handling traffic spikes with ease

Serve your customer quickly and cost-effectively

The Rackspace Cloud provides affordable on-demand availability and scalability to meet traffic spikes. Our Cloud can include an integrated global CDN for the same price as non-CDN bandwidth, via our Cloud Files solution.

Serve customers quickly

High security solutions

High security solutions

For rich media with a steady level of known traffic plus high security requirements, we've got several Dedicated solutions and infrastructures to meet those requirements whilst ensuring your end users enjoy your content seamlessly.

Backed by Fanatical Support

And with several service levels available, you can decide how much of the routine monitoring and maintenance you want to perform. Whatever you choose, your Rackspace hosting solution will be backed by Fanatical Support.

Backed by Fanatical Support

Other Hosting Solutions

Rackspace can help you manage IT across your entire Business. Learn about our hosting solutions:

Test & Development Environments

It can be costly and complex to create and manage your own development, staging, and production environments. Turn to Rackspace for a flexible and reliable mix of test & dev options.

World-class Microsoft hosting expertise

WordPress Website Hosting

Whether it's you're a small business or a multi-brand enterprise with a WordPress site, we'll ensure you get the right infrastructure to maintain availability and performance, and retain your brand integrity.

Migrate your Windows Server to Rackspace

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