Platforms for building apps

Get the right infrastructure to build and grow your app

Test and development environments

It can be costly and complex to create and manage your own development, staging, and production environments. Turn to Rackspace for a flexible and reliable mix of pay-as-you-go test & dev options.

Grow when you’re ready

Is your app almost ready for the big time? Don’t worry about buying and deploying hardware. When you’re ready to move into production, our huge portfolio of hosting options allow you to start small and expand as you need to.

Access to our expertise

You don't have to have all the answers. We'll provide recommendations on how to most effectively manage your business applications. We also manage the boring but essential tasks such as patching software, upgrading hardware and so.

Rapid and reliable

You can spin up new servers in a matter of minutes, and they’ll all be backed by our 100% uptime guarantee* so you can continue working on your app uninterrupted.

Other Hosting Solutions

Rackspace can help you manage IT across your entire Business. Learn about our hosting solutions:

Website & Blog Hosting

Whether you need to host a simple blog, or prepare your website for unexpected (or expected!) traffic spikes, we’ll make sure your site stays up so you can continue to focus on your business.

Exchange and email hosting

Combine Rackspace Email mailboxes with Microsoft Exchange for a powerful, low-cost solution, through a single unified control panel. You’ll be able to access your email anywhere, and we’ll throw in 250MB of SharePoint for free.

Rackspace Startup Programme

We were just like you in 1998. We haven’t forgotten our roots and have committed to helping entrepreneurs with hosting on the Rackspace Open Cloud, and mentoring in conjunction with selected incubators and investors.

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