Test & Development Environments

Flexible Dedicated, Cloud or hybrid environments

Speed and scalability

The Rackspace Cloud lets you create an affordable test and dev environment quickly, and scales whenever you need it to. You'll only ever pay for what you use too, so you won't be hit with unexpected charges.

Speed and scalability

Performance and data isolation

Performance and data isolation

If you'd prefer, you can enjoy a Dedicated solution. We offer traditional and virtualised environments for increased performance and the data isolation of a private, dedicated infrastructure. You can even link this up to an existing or new Cloud environment thanks to our RackConnect hybrid technology.

Backed by Fanatical Support

And with an additional, more aggressive service level available, you can decide how much of the routine monitoring and maintenance you want to perform. Whatever you choose, your Rackspace hosting solution will be backed by Fanatical Support.

Backed by Fanatical Support

Other Hosting Solutions

Rackspace can help you manage IT across your entire Business. Learn about our hosting solutions:

Rich Media and Video Hosting

Websites hosting dynamic media face unique challenges - website downtime, slow page loads and slow downloads can mean game over for your site. Leave it with Rackspace, and our portfolio of flexible solutions.

WordPress Website Hosting

Whether it's you're a small business or a multi-brand enterprise with a WordPress site, we'll ensure you get the right infrastructure to maintain availability and performance, and retain your brand integrity.

License mobility for your Microsoft applications

Deploy your Microsoft® applications at Rackspace with confidence. If you're a Microsoft Volume Licensing (VL) customer running eligible applications covered by active Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) contracts, you can move your Microsoft applications to Rackspace at any time, without incurring additional licensing fees. Deploy on our cloud, dedicated servers, virtual servers, or a combination.


World-class Microsoft hosting expertise

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