Cloud Hosting Services

No matter what you want to build, the Rackspace Cloud can provide you with the right tools for the job. From developing innovative apps to supercharging your e-commerce site, you can enjoy the scalability and flexibility of Cloud alongside our world class Fanatical Support.

Hybrid Cloud

If you require the flexibility and elasticity of the cloud with the enhanced security and performance characteristics of dedicated hosting, our ground-breaking Hybrid Cloud offering connects the two for the best of both worlds. Find out more.

Managed Cloud

Your time and resources are valuable, so spend them focusing on your business. Get a Managed Cloud account, and our trained cloud experts will look after your infrastructure, freeing you up to grow your business. Find out more.

What is Cloud Computing?

Are you new to the Cloud phenomenon, or just trying to learn a little more? Read our quick guide on cloud computing, and find out which cloud is the right one for you and your needs. Learn more.

Fanatical Support

Our famed Fanatical Support will be there for you, no matter how simple or complex your solution may be. You’ll have 24/7 direct access to our support teams- that means no automated menus, and no scripted answers. Find out more.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Servers

Our flexible and scalable Cloud Servers provide open APIs, eliminate vendor lock-in and start at only US $17/month.

  1. 24x7x365 chat/phone/ticket support
  2. Access to the new Rackspace Cloud Control Panel
  3. 100% network uptime guarantee
  4. 100% HVAC/power uptime guarantee
  5. Access to our forums and online resources, and much more

Private Cloud

For customers looking to build and deploy medium-to-large scale private clouds, Rackspace Private Cloud allows you to do so easily, for free, and in minutes.

  1. Ubuntu 12.04 Host OS
  2. KVM Virtualization
  3. Chef Server
  4. OpenStack Essex release

Managed Cloud

Choose your preferred server size and only pay for what you use. Our Fanatical Support ensures you don't need to find time to manage your servers -we've got that covered.

  1. Comprehensive monitoring
  2. 24x7x365 OS & application support
  3. 100% network uptime guarantee
  4. All the features of regular Cloud Servers

Cloud Platform & Networking

Cloud Load Balancers

Deploy and scale a reliable, cloud-based failover solution in minutes, and from as little as US $12.50/month.

  1. Software load balancers on-demand
  2. Advanced load balancing algorithms
  3. Dedicated static IP address

Cloud Monitoring

API-driven monitoring for Sys Admins and Developers. Stop problems before they happen. Keep your customers happy.

  1. Monitor
  2. Customise
  3. Report
  4. Save time

Cloud DNS Tools

A free API service to easily manage domains, sub-domains and records.

  1. Access via public API
  2. Many record types supported (A, CNAME, NS, TXT, AAAA, DKIM, MX, SRV & SPF)
  3. Multiple regional (US and UK) service endpoints

Cloud Storage & Data

Cloud Databases

Cloud Databases offer high-performance MySQL databases, with built-in redundancy and automated configuration included. Also available with a managed service level.

  1. High-performance cloud hosting for your MySQL databases
  2. Built-in data replication for greater reliability
  3. Automated deployment, configuration, and patching

Cloud Files Hosting

Leverage the power of the cloud for unlimited, on-demand and cost-effective file storage & hosting, powered by the Akamai CDN.

  1. Unlimited, on-demand storage starting at US $0.105/GB/month
  2. Serve content fast with CDN, powered by Akamai
  3. Easy to access via Control Panel or API

Cloud Block Storage

Cloud Block Storage provides consistent and reliable storage performance, powered by the Open Cloud. Also available with a managed service level.

  1. Consistent and reliable storage performance in the open cloud
  2. Only pay for what you use, from just US $0.13/GB
  3. High-performance SSD volumes available

Cloud Backup

File-level backup and restore capabilities to help safeguard your business from the unexpected.

  1. Choose specific files and folders to back up
  2. Optional AES-256 encryption
  3. Automatic compression and de-duplication