The open alternative to cloud lock-in

An open source cloud computing solution, reducing the risks of lock-in associated with proprietary platforms.

Supported by over 6000 customers

OpenStack was invented by Rackspace and NASA, and the OpenStack community has grown today into a global collective of innovators, developers, software and hardware vendors and service providers with more than 6,000 contributing developers and approximately 850 organisations involved.

Open and Scalable

The Rackspace Cloud powered by OpenStack is an open and versatile public cloud platform. Our collection of public cloud solutions includes compute, storage, databases, networks and more. Open source technologies leads to an increased speed of innovation with new releases.

Private Cloud Available Anywhere

Rackspace Private Cloud provides the scalability and self service capabilities of the cloud with your security, location or other requirements. We will deploy and manage an OpenStack-powered private cloud for you that can be fully hosted at Rackspace, colocated in over 100 global partner data centers or hosted in your own data center.

OpenStack Training

Open Stack training can provide you with the knowledge to install, run and operate your own OpenStack clouds. The training immerses you in the OpenStack environment, so you can evaluate whether it is suitable for you and your needs and how you can improve performance of an existing installation.

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